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About Us

Our story...

Techie Media was founded in 2000 at the start of the new millennium. Techie Media saw a need for early internet 1.0 websites that were outgrowing their hosting companies limited connectivity. These sites usually specialized in entertainment and video. Our location was strategically chosen to be in one of the largest Telco fortresses of it's kind, 165 Halsey, Newark NJ. Because of this we were able to provide all the bandwidth that these sites were starving for. A few sites were doing multiple Gigabits of transfer each and believe us that was noteworthy at the time! Since we arrived on the scene early, identified and filled a niche, the word spread quickly and the company grew steadily. Techie Media was born!

The internet was often referred to as the "wild west" back then and we were pioneers on the frontier. Some of these original customers are still with us 20+ years later. Our very low network AS number (AS13909) and domain registration date (2000-04-03) proves we've been around for a while.

Today Techie Media remains a major contender in the managed hosting market place. Our secret for success has been that we've always stuck with what we know best which is managing dedicated servers and offering colocation services over our very own premier network.

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